Byron Bay Burger

Who is the Big Owl?

The mysterious creature behind the Byron Bay Burger!

From time to time, we hear stories of sightings of this mysterious creature, yet nobody has ever managed to catch a photo or video of the Big Owl in its natural habitat. More elusive than the Loch Ness Monster, and shyer than the Yeti, The Big Owl is known to inhabit the Northern Rivers area of NSW, Australia.  

Its natural habitat is the kitchen, surrounded by piles of ingredients, recipes and delicious vegan food that the Big Owl has conjured up.   Yet, exactly when the Big Owl does this is a mystery, although sometimes when we come into the kitchen in the morning, there’s a delicious aroma in the air, some new samples to try and perhaps a few feathers gently settling on the floor . . .

An artist’s impression of the Big Owl by talented local artist, MLAK (Karlee Mackie). Karlee claims to have once seen the Big Owl late at night in Byron Bay – but who knows . . .? In any case, check out Karlee’s work here

OK, maybe not.  Big Owl Foods was actually started by Al Percival, who wanted to offer more options for anyone who wanted to eat more plant-based food but didn’t necessarily have the time to prepare food from scratch all the time.   

Before starting Big Owl Foods, Al Al spent 25 years in the IT industry, working in the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand.   He was the 5th employee of Diligent Corporation and instrumental in its development and growth.  Diligent is now a multi-billion dollar company with offices in 30 countries around the world.  

As well as the Byron Bay Burger, we also have a a range of curries, chillies and pasta sauces under our brands of Spice Owl and Pepitas- check them out below and on our other site,

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Black Lentil and Coconut Dal
A warming winter favourite made with a combination of 10 different spices!
Spice Owl - Hoot if you like it spicy!
It's our amazing spice combinations that make the Spice Owl range so amazing!
The complete Spice Owl range
One for every day of the week! -with burgers at the weekend 🙂
Our range of imaginative Pepitas sauces for pasta and pizza
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