Byron Bay Burger

Our Philosophy

We believe in giving back – and helping build a more sustainable future

100% Plant Based


Like everything we do at Big Owl Foods, the Byron Bay Burger is 100% plant-based.  Research shows that to produce a plant based burger you need just a 20th of the land and a 10th of the water than you do a for a conventional meat burger.    Perhaps even more importantly, it produces less than a 10th of the greenhouse gases!

Every Purchase Helps Australian Wildlife

Every purchase helps local wildlife.   We decided from the outset that a proportion of all the profits from the Byron Bay Burger would go straight back into helping wildlife – given the devastating fires and floods that have decimated our wildlife in the past 18 months, we wanted to do what we can to help.

Reducing Waste

If there's one thing we hate, then it's waste! Inevitably when producing food there are times when you have left-over ingredients or stock that has too short a shelf-life to sell. We will always donate this to local food banks and charities

Energy & Climate

Climate Change is an existential threat to all of us. At Big Owl Foods, we care passionately in doing our bit to help - that's why we use only 100% renewable energy and have an active carbon-offsetting scheme.

Water Usage

We 700 million people short of water, we all have a responsibility to reduce water use wherever we can. We have an active program of water use reduction in our production facilities